With an experience of fifteen years in the strategic intelligence services, and a passion for human-rights and environmental protection, the founder has developped an investigative and due diligence solution to support international sustainable development.  ABDM provides investigative due diligence services for more than 150 countries, using the carefully recruited Humint network globally (based on the in-house ABDM benchmark), and provides more advanced strategic advisory consulting with the support of "The Alliance", a highly exclusive network of top EU Intelligence firms.

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Risk analysis and OSINT

Assess your risks and that of your partners, suppliers, etc.

Three axes of analysis: Planet, Human and Governance. Around 300 questions, 360° diagnostic for self-assessment and assessment of partners, suppliers, clients around the world. Axes of improvement to mitigate risks, and regular monitoring. Diligence is carried either by internal consultants, or seasoned investigators worldwide.