As a young woman, freshly graduated from one of the top French business schools, I left Europe, to settle in Malaysia during 4 years, where I worked for IBM, and then a local partner. I was quickly confronted with corruption initiatives, and I resigned with the conviction that corruption was the most important issue to solve if one wanted to improve the economic situation of the poorest. I then studied in the University Malaya with a scholarship from the EU, and studied international development. I was then sent out by an investigative firm from London, to carry out investigations and research in Russia, Ukraine, Oman, Turkey, Thailand, followed by a risk-analysis firm which sent me to Morocco, Korea, and then the Philippines. During more than 10 years, I travelled the world, carried complicated investigative work, on-the-ground, completed the research, the interviews, met the most powerful and hard-to-reach people to interview in such complicated countries as Ukraine, or Russia or the Philippines. Humint, and investigatve work had become a key component of my know-how. 

I then returned to France, and worked with the European leader in Strategic Intelligence to build-up a global network of investigative firms, recruiting firms from all around the world. This included gathering the top EU firms, and creating a consortium that met twice a year around the Intelligence topics. 

With more than 15 years of international experience, and knowledge of the EU Investigative field, I now carry on developing activities and services to support European Multinational Interests. 

Caroline Couronne


European Alliance for Intelligence and Investigation Services

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