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Based in Marseille, ABDM offers investigation and in-depth analysis between Asia, Europe and Africa. Acting as the pivotal axis between those three continents, the company provides in-depth analysis and investigation services through European, Asian and African alliances and network. All the reporting, and intelligence services are provided in-house, with a focus on highly-complex issues requiring pluri-disciplinary overviews. We focus on "intelligence" services, making sure that we provide creativity, foresight, out-of-the box services to help clients take the best decisions with a risk analysis built on local-sources information.

We provide Positive Intelligence services to European companies: all investigation related to compliance services in order to comply to the OECD Guidelines and the Vigilance Act: fight against corruption, protect human-rights and environment rights.

We only work with ESIA strategic intelligence members for EU Based Services, in order to ensure the highest quality and ethical standards.

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