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With more than 10 years in South-East Asia, including 5 years in the Philippines, the Founder of ABDM, Mme Caroline Couronne, understands the culture, the history, the political and economic networks, and has developped a very strong network of sources in the region.

Investments, and international development in South-East Asia is increasingly attracting interest from global companies, it is however crucial to rely on very high quality information to take the right decision, and to avoid the pitfalls related to anti-corruption, anti-slavery, and anti-terrorism financing international legislation.


  • All humint based investigation services

  • All compliance related investigation services (we call it Positive Intelligence)

  • Risk Analysis

Countries covered:

  • Malaysia

  • Philippines

  • Indonesia

  • Viet-Nam

  • Singapore

  • Thaïland

  • Brunei

  • Cambodia

  • Myanmar

  • Lao PDR

Our reports are always totally taylored to client needs, with a focus on taking care of pre-and post-analysis, providing always the highest-quality intelligence services to our clients, relying on highly selected sources.

Our core strength is the full understanding of Asian culture, while having a foot in Europe.

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