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ABDM Affiliates and members

"Because the right information, by the right person at the right moment is essential"

ABDM is  a global investigation network gathering the best on-the-ground investigation services from around the globe in order to serve the three objectives below

1. Support International Development by accessing the right information, acquired through intelligence capabilities, mostly human-intelligence, following ethical and best-practices as required

2. Support the European Strategic Interest by bringing the best European investigation and related strategic intelligence services, together, and building a common understanding of European mutual economic interests.

3. Support the Positive Intelligence development of ethical and compliance related services for French and European companies.

ABDM offers three types of services:

  • Membership based services: ABDM membership for investigation firms in order to access opportunities, our in-house community, and to share competences; ESIA membership for European firms selected by us and willing to develop the ESIA community, ABDM Clients who wish to acquire daily investigation information, and access selected sources of information (humint only) from more than 140 countries.

For investigation service providers to have the possibility of being selected by our clients, it is necessary to be an ABDM Member.

For European investigation firms to have the possibility of attending our bi-annual gathering, it is necessary to be an ESIA member.

  • Investigation services: clients can purchase investigation services directly from ABDM, for specific purposes, only based on humint needs. ABDM does not provide open-sources information, or complete due diligence reports, and only focuses on bespoke analyses and verbatim based reports.

  • Global sourcing of information and risk-based analysis


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