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The Alliance

Boots-on-the-grounds only

The Alliance regroups top strategic advisory firms from the EU, in order to support our clients with a wide range of services. We only work with EU based intelligence advisory firms, and we recruit global sources from all around the world for our humint needs. Quality, agility, and team work are our core values.

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Alliance services

Quality, Agility, Team-work


Humint & Investigation

More than 50 countries with ABDM seleted sources. Our investigation specialist is based in the Netherlands.

Implementation Planning

Compliance & Integrity Support

More than 20 years in compliance strategic advisory, risk mapping, and integrity solutions. Our compliance specialist is based in Paris.

Finance Consultancy

Human risk and integrity services - investigative background checks

Professionnal and prooven methodology for high-level executives recruitment


Fraud & Corruption investigations

Specialist with more than 20 years of experience. 

Finance Consultancy

Anti-terrorism financing for governmental and private organizations

In-depth cross border investigation of financial structures, organisational  connections and individual links between persons, entities & movements on behalf of governmental and commercial clients from our Dutch associate.